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VA Mortgage Refinancing

Military veterans and qualified VA borrowers continue to be excited about low rate VA mortgage refinancing options up to 100% loan to value. With record low VA rates and the most flexible home loan product in the industry what’s not to like about the VA mortgage programs. VA lenders have tightened guidelines a bit, but rest assured the VA mortgage refinance product remains aggressive with no equity required on refinance loans and no down-payment needed on VA home buying options.

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According to a recent WSJ article, the VA streamline refinance is “unique because it does not require income documentation or a formal appraisal.” This is great news for vets who are struggling to meet the debt to income requirement. It’s also good news for military families that have been unable to refinance their VA mortgage because their home loans that are underwater.

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Getting approved for a VA mortgage refinance may not be as difficult as you think. If you already have a VA home loan then utilizing the VA streamline refinance is strongly recommended. The VA streamline refinance waives the appraisal requirement and this allows people with a lack of home equity to still secure a great refinance loan.

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VA Refinancing remains a top priority for veterans in 2011 and 2012. With the Federal Reserve extending their commitment to record low rate financing, the likelihood of borrowers being able to find a more affordable mortgage looks good.  With today’s refinance loans, homeowners have the ability to quickly convert variable interest into a fixed rate mortgage that promotes security and affordability for 15 or 30 year terms.  Refinancing your first and second mortgage loans into a lower interest rate helps many homeowners save thousands of dollars each year.
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