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Can I Refinance My Mortgage?

The most common question our lenders get is "Can I refinance?" This is a pretty broad financial question but most consumers are referring to their eligibility for home refinancing. Even if you just refinanced not so long ago, the benefits of doing so again may well outweigh standing pat. Homeowners want to know if they meet the 2012 refinance guidelines so they do not waste their time.

MSN Money poses the question, What's the problem? Underwater home loans are hindering the housing recovery. Today's mortgage refinance rate is at all-time lows, but underwater homeowners can't take advantage of them because they can't make up for lost equity. Families who find themselves in trouble because of a loss of income or other financial shock can't make their monthly payments, refinance, or sell their homes. Foreclosures result, which drag down the prices of nearby homes, increasing the likelihood that other homeowners will fall underwater and perpetuate the downward spiral. Lenders become increasingly wary of making new mortgages, afraid of the risk of losses from bad loans.

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