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Thousands of American homeowners have been strapped with high adjustable rate mortgages until now.  With new refinance guidelines that are more lenient on home values borrowers may be eligible for the lowest home mortgage refinance loan since 1955.

  • Conforming Refinance
  • No Equity FHA Refinancing
  • Flexible Government Refi’s
  • Jumbo Mortgages to 3 Mill.

According to Forbes Magazine, home refinancing is the best opportunity in 2011 for homeowners to increase their cash flow while reducing their monthly housing expenses.

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Home mortgage refinancing loans are now available to borrowers with a wide range of credit scores and home equity loan to values.

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Featured in CNN Money

Home refinancing is in high demand as the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates to their lowest levels since Dwight Eisenhower was president over fifty years ago. If you have 10-20% home equity available on home mortgages less than $417,000 then a conforming refinance is likely the best product for you.

Home Mortgage Refinance Rates Fall Below 4%!

If your 1st mortgage is greater than $417,000 then a jumbo mortgage loan is recommended for refinancing. If you do not have much equity in your home than a FHA home loan is recommended for refinancing because little or no equity is required.

Whether you are interested in a conventional, USDA, second mortgage or FHA loan, our lenders have the knowledge and expertise to deliver you the best refinance loan on the planet. Our experienced lending team offers a free refinancing assessment no hassle quote regardless of your fico score.

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