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FHA Mortgage Refinance

Fortunately Congress supported FHA refinance loan programs to help distressed homeowners secure an affordable mortgage payment regardless of their credit score or equity situation.

  • FHA Fixed Refinancing
  • FHA Streamline
  • No Cost FHA Refinance
  • FHA Short Refinance
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Cash Out Refinance

According to mortgage banker, Nationwide, "The FHA mortgage presents a unique opportunity for distressed homeowners who may not have as much home equity as they once had." Nationwide continued, "with only 3.5% equity, borrowers can qualify for a low rate government insured mortgage that saves them money." FHA refinancing has become an attractive option for all types of homeowners.

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FHA refinance costs can range dramatically depending on the loan companies you are getting quotes from.  When shopping for a FHA refinance, it is imperative that you compare apples to apples and get a "Good Faith Estimate" in writing from each lender that is offering you a refinance quote.

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