VA Refinancing

100% VA RefinancingAsk any mortgage lender or loan officer today what is the best refinance product and 9 out of 10 will respond that the VA refinancing program is the best program for military personnel and veterans.  VA refinance loans enable borrowers to save money with a 100% mortgage refinance.  That means that borrowers can lower their interest rate and save money without being required to document equity.  Cash out refinancing is allowed with VA loans up to 90%, but rate and term refinancing extends the borrowing to 100%.  Once you have a VA loan, you can do a VA streamline refinance any time the interest rates drop.  VA streamline loans are refinance options put on a fast track with reduced closing costs and lightning speed processing.  VA rates for refinancing have reached 40-year lows so the popularity of this program is enormous.  Unfortunately, this refinance loan program is only for military veterans with VA loan eligibility so not everyone will qualify.




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