Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinancing

One of the most common goals of most homeowners is to find the lowest fixed rate mortgage refinancing and lock the interest rate for thirty years.  This year many borrowers were blessed with the lowest mortgage rates of the last fifty years, so securing a fixed rate mortgage has become the priority of millions of Americans.  Unfortunately tighter refinance guidelines have arisen with the record low interest rates, and many homeowners have been unable to get approved for traditional fixed rate mortgage refinancing.  Lenders wants borrowers to have high credit scores and steady employment that can become documented for the last few years.

Popular Fixed Mortgage Refinance Loans

  • Fixed Rate FHA Refinancing
  • 100% VA Refinancing
  • Cash Out Refinancing
  • Conventional Home Refinancing
  • Second Mortgage Refinancing



Will Mortgage Refinance Rates Rise in 2011?

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